John Smith Organs

Outings - Places to see John's organs in action

This page contains a list of events that John will - probably - attend with his organs.

The use of the word 'probably' indicates that sometimes other things can occur which prevent
his attendance at a particular event.  So - especially if you a going to make a long trip to get there just
to talk to him - check with John on 

01525 712 496

just before the day
All of these events have a good attendance of Home built organs and I can recommend any of them as well worth attending.
11th December
St Albans Christmas Concert
St Albans Organ Theatre
320 Camp Road
St Albans  AL1 5PE
Telephone: 03003 65 65 65

An Amateur Organ Spectacular
Up to 12 amateur-buit organs
of exceptional quality
Click Here and Here
for videos created at this event
by John Smith (gemmadan)