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Organ statistics, ordering and price details

We are a small family business and try our best to provide a good service,
but there are times when - due to being at shows etc. - we may not be able to dispatch  as quickly as usual, so please bear with us.
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Orders received after 18th December 2017
will not be despatched until 2nd January 2018

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Below are the details of each of the organs:


Width:     15"
Height:    12"
Depth:     11"
Weight:   11 lbs
Lowest Note:   F
Roll Width:  140 mm
UK Pack Cost:   39


Senior 20

Width:     17"
Height:    17"
Depth:     13"
Weight:   20 lbs
Lowest Note:   F
Roll Width:  140 mm
UK Pack Cost:   39



Width:     22"
Height:    30"
Depth:     16"
Weight:   65 lbs
Lowest Note:   E Flat
Roll Width:  110 mm
UK Pack Cost:   59


Topsy 3 *

Width:     26"
Height:    26"
Depth:     17"
Weight:   65 lbs (no battery/Glock)
Lowest Note:   A
Roll Width:      MIDI
UK Pack Cost:   79


Topsy 1  **

Width:     24"
Height:    26"
Depth:     17"
Weight:   60 lbs
Lowest Note:   A
Roll Width:     MIDI
UK Pack Cost:   25


MMMM Booklet

UK Pack Cost:   10


Punch Plans

UK Pack Cost:   10


MMMM & Punch Plans

UK Pack Cost:   16


Buyers of the Topsy 3 Plans will also receive an emailed accessory pack.   
This includes sample midi files from Alan Pell and Melvyn Wright, plus others files for setting up and testing,  as well as music lists

**  The Topsy 1 package contains only instructions and drawings for adapting the design of the Universal
- for people who already have the Universal pack

To order by
send a cheque for the appropriate amount to:

D Smith,   41 Dunstable Road,   Flitwick,   Beds,   MK45 1HP
Don't forget your OWN address details!